A friend asked me if I would write about goals and achieving them so I said, “Yes!” She is starting Crossfit and she wanted some tips. I am going to give you “My Top 10 Secrets To Achieving Your Goals, aka Dreams.”

1) Set a goal.
This one is pretty easy….maybe. Some of us have no idea what our goal is or what we would like to accomplish. If this is you, I would think about what you would have wished you would have done if you knew you were going to die in 10 minutes. Then, write the goal down. WRITE the goal down.

2) Break the goal down into daily or weekly goals.
I personally love using daily goals because even weekly ones I would postpone doing till the day before. I have found setting daily goals makes the task much less intimidating and overwhelming AND the bonus, I tend to get my daily goals done….daily. I use my calendar hanging on the wall in my office to check off if I achieved my daily goals. Mine include things like reading, writing, working out, eating healthy, spending time in the Word, etc. Even if I spend only 10 minutes on each goal, I am at least working towards it. Slowly but surely I am working towards it.

3) Consistency, Consistency, Consistency.
Consistency is the key. As I mentioned above, working towards each of my goals daily , even if it is for only 10 minutes, is better than ZERO minutes. Slow and steady wins the race and gets to their goal. If I commit to working towards my goals only once a week, even if it is for a longer period of time then 10 minutes daily, I still fall far behind the person spending 10 minutes a day on their goals. Get the picture? Don’t be binge goaler, be a daily goaler.

4) It is not all or nothing.
This is where lots of us stumble, throw our hands up, and say, “Screw it!” I am here to tell you that it is okay to do this BUT I am also here to tell you to get right back up. When you mess up, acknowledge it and then keep moving forward. Forget the past mistakes you made after you forgive yourself for making them and then move on….right away. Don’t throw away your whole day because you ate bad at breakfast so now you are going to eat bad all day long. No, no, no, no, no. Pick up right away at the next meal. Don’t go into any journey thinking you are going to start perfect, be perfect throughout the journey, and end perfect. When we have this all or nothing mentality, we set ourselves up for failure. Get rid of it!

5) Don’t compare yourself to someone else’s journey.
We are ALL on some kind of journey towards some kind of destination. Some of us are just starting out, some of us are in the middle, and some of us are at the end looking for a new journey to start on. Don’t compare. I have a hard time with this one and I think we all do. I have to remind myself daily that I don’t see the hard work put in behind someone else’s image or writing or skills. I have learned to tell myself, you WILL get there. Keep going. So I will tell you, “You will get there. Keep going.”

6) Affirmations.
I wasn’t too big of a believer in these but I started to say them daily. Once in the morning and at night. I have a piece of paper taped inside my daily devotional that has about 6 affirmations written down of things I want to do and/or become. I have read many books from successful people who claim they have done these and they work. You can literally manifest your dreams this way. I follow a great inspirer of mine on facebook who I have literally watched her become what she had affirmed years before. So write down who your successful self is….I have a millionaire mind. I am attracting the right people into my life who can help me. I am becoming a New York Times Best-selling author. I will run a marathon in enough time to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I will travel the world and inspire millions. I will be a better wife to my husband. I will be a better mother to my children. I will live in my dream home. My inner world creates my outer world, etc. Your affirmations are up to you. Athletes do them. You should too.

7) Visualize your dreams.
This is also something athletes do and goal achievers do. I remember when I was on swim team at 9 years old, my coach would have us visualize the specific time we wanted in our race. We would visualize our race from the start till the end. I was pretty fortunate to learn about visualization at such a young age. I know it works. I have also read about athletes who are injured who visualize because they can’t physically do their sport. Put in the mental reps. Whatever it is you are working towards, visualize yourself already there or doing it. Add this to your affirmations. Yes, these techniques take time from our busy day but if we get up five minutes earlier and go to bed 5 minutes earlier so we can visualize, it doesn’t seem like such a hard adjustment to make does it?

8) Setbacks WILL happen.
I remember my first year of training for a marathon. I was training with 3 other people and we all motivated each other and encouraged each other. It was awesome. For three of us, it would be our first time running an actual full marathon. We were all pumped. And then the unforeseeable happened to me. Well, lots of things actually. I had foot issues, then IT band issues, and then I broke my arm. My dream of running a full marathon with the others slowly went up in smoke. I was frustrated and heart broken. I wasn’t able to run it that May, but I was able to accomplish my dream of running a marathon that October-5 months later. Setbacks suck. They are not fun. They will happen. I am here to tell you to get back up and keep going. Don’t let one failure ruin your dream. There will be many more fails to come. It is all a part of the formula. Accept it and then move on. Keep going.

9) There are no Express Trains or Silver Bullet Rides on Dream Chasing Street.
We set goals. We go after them. And things happen, life happens, the universe tests us. She tests us to see how bad we want it. She tests us to see if we are even ready for it. Boy does she test us. Dreams, goals; they’re going to take longer than you thought….then times that by ten….and that by 100. They are going to take loooooong. BUT, they will get here and YOU WILL achieve them. You just have to put in the work-hard work, very hard work, and then super hard work. I laugh as I type this because it is so true and I have tasted it all and I know there will be more to taste. There will be many times you want to throw in the towel and tell your dreams to “Suck it!” while flipping them the bird too. And, you may do this but I still encourage you to keep going. After you have marinated in your failure a little along with the hard work, you will want it even more. And YOU WILL get back up and continue on. There are no Express Trains or Silver Bullet Rides on Dream Chasing Street but I have to admit, the road is pretty adventurous because of no free rides and maybe fun? Yes, it is fun and the best part, funny.

10) “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”
Aim high and go for it. Don’t listen to the naysayers. You will have fans cheering you on and you will have haters doubting you can do it and hoping you fall flat on your face. Give them all a wave and be kind. The majority of the world is okay as long as you are the same as everyone else. Just don’t YOU be okay with being the same as everyone else. We have this whole big world to explore and adventure across. Go for it. Do it. Never ever give up on your dreams; the dreams God planted in your heart on purpose for a purpose. Who knows what else you may find after venturing down Dream Chasing Street……or where you may land.

Here’s to going after our goals on Dream Chasing Street!


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