I read this quote the other day, “Ready, fire, aim!” I thought it was really neat and dead on. We always hear, “Ready, aim, fire!” but then of course we miss the bulls-eye. Does anyone ever get it right on the first shot? I don’t know but I highly doubt it. So how do they get it right….finally?

We always think we have to have everything figured out before we can make a move. Perfection for so many of us is our highest goal. But here’s the thing, if we spend all of our time trying to be absolutely perfect, then what are we really learning? Do we even know where our target is? Do we even know where we need to readjust and fire again? We have to fire first to see how off we are. Then we can aim more so at our target.

I get caught up in this thinking all of the time. I am learning to catch myself in every moment though. I may see a person I admire and think of how “lucky” they have it or how “blessed” they are but I then quickly remind myself that if I could hear that person’s story, I most likely wouldn’t think they are so “lucky” or “blessed” anymore. I would see the horrific things they may have had to endure. I would see the frustrations, anger, and heartbreaks they went through before finally achieving their dreams. I would see the numerous times they chose to fire away just to gage where they were so they knew where they should aim. I would see all of the people that didn’t believe in them in the beginning and how they still marched on. I would see the few people that did believe in them and how that was enough to keep them going. I would see how at one point, no one believed in them but all they needed and all they ever needed was God to believe in them. Because of course, we should all know that calling you have on your heart is placed there purposefully by God, for God to use you. Others may look at you like you are abnormal or trying too hard for something you’re never going to get but what they don’t know and what they can’t see is your heart. They don’t know YOUR heart. Only God does. Don’t let anyone try to tell you your dream is wrong just because they can’t see it. Don’t think you have to justify your dream to anyone other than God. They can’t see what only you can see and what only you know.

God sees it. God knows it. He is the only one that matters.

Playing for an audience of One,
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“Good writing succeeds or fails on the strength of its ability to engage you, to make you think, to give you a glimpse into someone else’s head.” ~Malcolm Gladwell