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I heard on Sports Center that the Seattle Seahawks are one of the hardest teams to beat at home in the NFL. They have not lost a single home playoff game in ten years! I also read that the Seahawk fans set a world record for the loudest outdoor stadium in the Guinness Book of World Records this year! So I started to think, what sets them apart, what is it about this team that makes them so hard to beat? So I did a little research on this. I found out lots of interesting things about this 12th man and such, but the most interesting thing to me was what an architect by the name of Jon Niemuth, who helped designed the stadium had to say. Jon said, “The noise was really a happy accident.” He has been asked to incorporate noise into other projects of his but it is “proved difficult.” According to Ken Belson, “An engineering firm that created acoustic models determined that fans were what made buildings loud, not necessarily their size or shape.” Niemuth says, “A roof helps, sure, a dome helps, too, but it’s the fans. I would love to say we were geniuses when we designed the building. But all we did was create the canvas. The fans painted it.”

I thought this was so awesome. The Seahawk’s fans help make them an unbeatable team on home field. The size and shape of the building isn’t what really matters, it’s the fans. Who wouldn’t want fans like that in their homes? Fans to cheer us on, root us on, believe in us and help us when our enemy is trying to beat us down.

The truth is, we need these types of fans in our everyday life. And, we need to be these types of fans to the people we come into contact with every single day.

Everywhere we turn today, we are bound to find negative news, negative posts, complaints, and feelings of selfishness in regards to thinking we deserve so much more than what we are getting right now. But, I have to ask, “Why all of this negativity?” If being positive and good-willed towards people at random and in general, makes us feel better, them feel better, and think better of the world, then give me some more of that! I mean, look at what the Seahawk fans can do for their team!!! Their fans are a HUGE support for them and if they were taken away, I guarantee they would play differently.

Be a fan……for everyone. Then watch them play better.

Love & Blessings,
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“Good writing succeeds or fails on the strength of its ability to engage you, to make you think, to give you a glimpse into someone else’s head.” ~Malcolm Gladwell