I listened to a story today from a man who overcame alcoholism and depression. He had gone through a series of one bad incident after another after another when he couldn’t take it anymore and decided to try to take his own life without success. He described his feelings as having a blanket put on him again, and then another one, and then another one, on and on where he found himself with not only ten blankets on him but hundreds. This was where he saw no other outlet and tried to take his own life. Not initially after this incident but shortly after, he received help and is now alcohol free and living life again without being under all of these blankets anymore. The most inspiring part of his story to me was how he now helps others live life without being stuck under their own blankets. He does volunteer work and his job is now in the helping profession.

I sat for a moment just looking at him with my head spinning, just thinking of how cool and awesome it was to hear his story and find out what he is doing now. It was like he was a helper all along, even during his “bad” moments, he just needed the extra help to get all of those blankets off of him. He needed help. And he found help by helping others.

I describe him as a diamond in the rough. I love those diamonds in the rough. They are the ones that inspire me. They are the ones that come out of nowhere shining brightly. And it’s not even them displaying their lights to show off, they just shine so brightly that you just know they are something. They just gosh darn shine so darn bright.

I guess that’s why I am attracted to those people that keep to themselves, those people that have a whole different way of thinking, those people that are quiet and in order to get to know them, you have to dig deep. But you soon discover that the deeper you dig, you find this beautiful diamond and you get to help them polish it and clean it. You get to help them see themselves as more than a diamond in the rough. Then you get to watch them see it for themselves. Then you get to watch them just shine.

I love diamonds in the rough.

Love & Blessings,
TLE with tlc