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March 2014

Hope Bubbles

Have you ever been in a rough place and just needed some hope? It is almost like no matter how much you try searching for it you just can’t find any damn hope?! Yeah, we have all been there. Some of us every single day.

The past few weeks for me have been a little rough. But, in the midst of all the roughness I kept getting these little bits of hope thrown my way at exactly the right moment and when I least expected it. It was great. It made me more thankful and blessed to be in this roughness. In roughness we grow. We have to or we will sink.

I came up with the term “hope bubbles” and really liked the idea of it so much that I wanted to share with others because we all need lots of hope. What are “hope bubbles”? Sometimes “hope bubbles” come in groups or masses at a time and then sometimes they come far and few, one at a time. So s l o w we are practically screaming at the top of our lungs to God, “I just need some hope!!!! Please!!! Something!!! Send me a donut to make me feel better!!! Just something!!!” I wonder how many times God laughs at us. Not at our circumstances but at how we react to them. How many times do we laugh at our kids and say, “Oh, I know, life is so hard honey. Boohoo.”

Anyways, these hope bubbles come in many different ways, shapes, forms, and sizes. People send them to us in cards, texts, phone calls, gifts; God sends them to us in other people-in friends, family, or even random people, or we can even find them if we keep our eyes open for them expecting to find them. God always seems to send mine at the last exact moment I am freaking out, about to give up, hanging on by a thread of hope, yet it is when I need them most. He has such perfect timing. I say he has perfect timing after I get them but not a moment before. Most of the time I have a hard time waiting on God’s timing. But, it is perfect and so is he.

Yesterday my “hope bubbles” came in the form of a call for an interview, a new magazine in the mail, a visit with family, a phone call from a friend, and an encouraging story that I needed to hear because I am going through the exact same thing this story was about. These were my beautiful little “hope bubbles”. I have to add my husband and Buster fill me with hope every single day. They are my constant “hope bubbles”. I hope all of you have constant ones too. Constant ones come in the shape of family and friends. People, not things. In my opinion, some of God’s greatest gifts are “hope bubbles.”

I love “hope bubbles”. Hope leads to inspiration. And inspiration leads to action. Be on the lookout for your beautiful “hope bubbles” floating on by. Grab them, thank them, and then thank God for them.

Love & Blessings,




Limit one per person. It is hard. It is not easy. It is fullfilling. It is an unforgettable journey. It comes with unforseen obstacles and high mountains and low valleys. It comes with happiness and adventure. It also comes with sadness and sorrow. You are able to create your life how you want it. You can assemble life whichever way you choose to. It is not an easy assemble. There are no instructions. You learn as you go. Some people will make fun of your life decisions. Some people will laugh at the way you choose to live your life. Life is what you make it. Remember, you only get one life. Use it wisely. Use it up. Wear the product out. Use it every single day you get to. It is a limit of one per person.

What if instead of graveyards, we had a library full of books of each person’s life? It would be their memoir of their whole life.

Live life in such a way that you know others would not want to put your memoir down. Live in such a way that every day is a page turner for your readers.

Love & Blessings,

Life & Teeth

Going after your dreams and goals is just like brushing your teeth every single day. You know you have to brush them twice a day to keep them white. This is the first step. Once we get the brushing them twice a day down, we can move onto picking out what type of toothpaste we like best. Then we can start to keep track of how long we brush them for. And then, if we are super duper crazy about our teeth, we learn to floss daily as well.

The start of the journey is simple. We just simply must start. Then we can add more details into the mix. The key is to do it every single day. We teach our children and others these things so it is a shame we stop teaching ourselves these simple set of instructions as well. Success is built in the pockets of our days. We HAVE to work EVERY single day towards our dreams. Overtime, this is where we see the results. But if we look carefully, we realize that even though we finally see the change today, it actually started months or years before. It started when we started changing our habits and kept at it daily.

Love & Blessings,

“Drudging Through The Muck” Days

The last two days were what I call “drudging through the muck” days. You know, those days that feel like everything is moving very slow and everything is super hard and everyone is super negative and it kind of feels like everyone must super hate you. One of those days. For two days.

Something really neat happened to me though on the last night of those days. I work 50 hours a week and have been for the last 9 months of my life. Some days I tell myself I am used to it. But on those other days, I just want to quit and cry and eat ice cream and burgers and lay on the couch with my puppies and watch ruruns of SVU for weeks on end. I want to do that, but I don’t. Well, the other night I received a message from someone who told me about a job that is 40 hours a week and could, ahem, possibly be mine!! Of course, I have to go through all of the logistics BUT, this one piece of information, turned my frown upside down and I was back. Just like that.

My point; yes, some days life just really sucks. And it can be because of no particular reason, it just sucks. It is one of those “drudging through the muck” days. But it is in these days that we MUST keep moving forward. Even if we are unhappy for now, even if we would rather lay around, even if we would rather stop; we MUST keep going. I now know after going through these types of days, as do you, that they WILL end. And usually, they don’t last for longer than 2 days. Mine are usually a one dayer. Even so, either or; keep your head up, keep your shoulders back, fake that smile around others, offer kindness up, give love out, and keep your eyes up above.

There is something far better out there and up there. We will get through this life and through those “drudging through the muck” days. We have before, and we will now.

Keep going friends,

Take Out Your Garbage!

“When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.” (Psalms)

E. Stanley Jones says, “Worry and anxiety are sand in the machinery of life; faith is the oil.”

It is so comforting to know we can take our worries, doubts, and fears somewhere and get rid of them. And not just anywhere, but to our Father in heaven. That alone makes me smile. God wants our worries, doubts, and fears. He doesn’t want us to miss out on life and opportunities he has for us because we are stuck somewhere filled with them. We must have faith that he’s got us-no matter how far we may fall.

Give all of your worries, doubts, and fears to the Lord and he will comfort you and fill you with new hope and cheer. Just like his word says. Our comforter is the Lord.

You know what is even more awesome about our God? He will gladly take all of that garbage. So, ya mise well send a prayer filled with all of it right up to Him!

Take your garbage out everyday. But, don’t forget to thank the man that picks it up!

Love & Blessings,

Your Why…..

Do you ever start something but never finish it?

I think a lot of us fall under this category. And when I think about why we don’t finish things in the first place, I think it is because we didn’t realize how hard it was actually going to be. We didn’t realize the time commitment it would take. We kind of thought we could breeze through it….like we did in some classes back in school. It is a hard truth when we realize that dreams do take hard work, lots of blood, endless sweat, and many moments of uncontrollable tears.

I like to think of it as all part of the dream equation though. Add all of the hard stuff together and the answer you will eventually get will be success. Success in whatever that means to YOU. Sometimes we are missing something from the equation so we have to pull it all apart and figure out what letter, what symbol, what term we are missing. Maybe we have to take something out of the equation. We again, have to pull it apart and figure out what piece we need to take out. All of this can take us weeks, months, years and maybe even more time. But, you WILL figure the equation out, I promise you.

The beauty is once you figure it out, you kind of coast. We are on a journey of never ending learning. Success is not for the lazy or weak hearted. The obstacles we overcome, the setbacks we meet, the challenges we face; these things polish us, prepare us, strengthen us, and teach us so much more that without them, we would not succeed. We NEED them; as hard as that is to grasp for some people.

So grab your armor and start. We don’t always know where to start or even how, but I promise you that if you continue to take one step after another step after another, the how will fall right into place. The where is right where we are. All you have to know is your why. Your why is most important. Your why should make you cry. Your why should carry you when you feel like giving up and throwing in the towel. Your why is the reason you finish in the first place.

Love & Blessings,


Everyday I give my two puppydogs two treats. They get one when they go outside first thing in the morning or after our morning walk to go potty, and then they get another treat after they have went back outside to go poop. Sometimes my husband and I will throw in another treat here and there based on their good behavior or cuteness.

I noticed this morning when giving them treats, how one dog, Charlie, will sit and be still until he gets his treat. My other dog, Buster, will jump on me, try to bite at the bag, his tail wags uncontrollably; basically he freaks out till he gets his treat. So sometimes I like to make him wait longer. I will give Charlie his treat first and then make Buster wait another 15-30 seconds just because he almost doesn’t know what to think or do about waiting. He will look at the treat I am holding in my hand and then look back at Charlie eating his treat. He will continue to look back and forth almost like he is wondering if he should go steal Charlie’s treat before it is gone or wait till he gets his.

I just started thinking how these dogs repeat these same behaviors every single day. Charlie is very calm and patient. Buster is crazy and very impatient. Buster is nuts over a treat he gets every single day. The same treat. At pretty much the same time. Every day. Same with walks. Both of them go nuts then. Same when we come back from being gone somewhere, both dogs go nuts.

I just love it. They inspire me to get excited about the everyday mundane of life. It’s like when we wake up in the morning, we should be excited. When we have a significant other to wake up to, we should be excited and want to snuggle them. When we haven’t seen our significant others after a long day of work or being gone, we should get excited. I can understand not being as excited as dogs get because they look completely crazy, but what I like about how excited they get, is that they look completely crazy. So crazy, I HAVE to sit down on the couch with them and just love on them immediately. My bags are dropped on the floor and I literally put everything else on hold till I spend a minute loving on them.

Yeah, I need to start showing this type of behavior to my husband more. Maybe he will think I am nuts but I know that he will LOVE it. Who wouldn’t?

I love my dogs. They inspire me to be a better person and more kind human being every single day.

Who inspires you?

Love & Blessings,

Right Now

I used to be someone who would continuously live one step ahead. I am a planner by nature. But, I would already be planning the next step in my life before it even got here. I never really thought about it possibly never getting here or just taking a little longer to get here.

For instance, before I even got married, I worked a job that was considered full time at 30 hours a week. I loved it. I figured my husband and I would get pregnant right away and I would be able to stay home part time. My dream is to be home part time or full time with my babies. I did get pregnant, but then ended up miscarrying about 7 months after getting married. It has been almost a full year since then and we are still not pregnant again. A few months after my miscarriage I decided to try to get a full time job. Going through a miscarriage is heartbreaking and an emotional roller coaster to say the least, so I decided to throw myself into my dreams and to stop living as if I was already pregnant. By living one stop ahead, I realized I was missing out on numerous opportunities.

I now work 50+ hours a week and have been for almost a year. I am a local Fitness Instructor and just started an online fitness coaching program in addition to my 9-5s. I also write here. I am an aspiring writer. I fit all of these hats into the pockets of my days because besides the working 50 hours a week, my true passion is in writing and inspiring others to live their best life possible-through fitness or writing.

My point is that if I wouldn’t have decided to change my ways and take back control of my life after my miscarriage, I don’t know if I would even be remotely close to where I am right now in life. I don’t know if I would be pursuing my dreams. I don’t know if I would have stopped living one step ahead. Although I am working my a## off right now, I keep telling myself, now is the time Tara. NOW is the time. Because you better believe when I finally do get pregnant and have a baby, my focus will go there and I will switch course again.

When this does happen, I don’t think I will leave my dreams in the dust; I think they will come with me. I believe I will be able to stay home with my babies. I don’t know how I will do it or what I will be doing to stay home but, what I do know is my why. Because, I want to be the one to raise my babies. Because, I want to be the one to teach them things. Because, I want to be the one to inspire and encourage them. Because, I want to be the one there when they wake up and be there when they lay their heads down at night. Because, I want to be the one there to watch them fail and then be there to cheer them on to get back up. Because, I want to be the one to snuggle with them and take naps during the day with them just because we can. Because, I want to be the one to cook them a home cooked dinner almost every night of the week. I will sacrifice for my babies when the time comes for me to shift course.

Until then, I am filling the pockets of my days with my dreams and living right now. Because there is no better time than right now.

When we live life in the past, we miss out on the present. When we live life in the future, we miss out on the present. The sad realization is, we can’t get back the now. Once it has passed, it has passed. What we can do is let go of our past, hope for the future, and embrace the now. The past is gone. The future we may never see. Right now is what we are gifted with. Embrace the now, right now.

Love & Blessings,

Bumps In The Road

When you are going over bumps in the road do you slow way down?

I was driving behind a car early this morning on my way to work and we came upon a bump in the road. There was a sign to our right that said, “Bump.” This bump has appeared over the course of our winter because of the amazing frigid cold we have had this season. This bump is also on a highway with a speed limit of 55 mph. When I am in the front of the pack, I slow down just a little, like to 50 mph, but this car that I was behind slowed down to about 25 mph.

It just got me thinking (of course) about bumps in life. I thought, do I slow down when I am cautioned about bumps ahead? I realized sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. I also then realized that when I do slow down and hesitate, I become more scared and freaked out about the bump ahead. I think too much about it and paranoia myself out even more and sometimes become so scared and terrified that I don’t ever even end up going over the bump. I turn around and watch everyone else do it instead. I also realized when I don’t slow down, and think, screw it-go for it, I am still scared but the scariness only lasts for a moment until I get over the bump. And the feeling of going over the bump is indescribable. It is like a victory, it is like a relief of something that I didn’t even know I had weighing on me. It may not always end up in victory or end up being pretty, but I feel victory inside and I feel pretty darn great and accomplished.

I totally understand bumps are scary. We don’t always know what will be on the other side. We don’t always know if we may get hurt from going over them. We don’t always know if it will even be worth it to have gone over the bump. It may not be in fact at first but I am willing to bet that overtime, you will find that bump’s worth. And this is why we must keep going over those bumps regardless of our fear.

Sometimes we will go over slow, sometimes we will go over fast; but whatever speed you decide to go over those darn bumps, go over them.

Love & Blessings,


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