I was looking at the woman standing next to me. She was clothed in a swim suit, flip flops, sunglasses, a towel in hand, a beach bag in the other, and ready and roaring to go to the beach. She was all smiles. She lite up the room.

After looking at her, I felt sad and jealous. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror at myself. I saw a woman clothed in a heavy winter jacket, snow pants on, boots on, hat on, mittens on, shovel in hand, ready and roaring to get out there to finish shoveling up all the snow. I was not all smiles. I did not lite up the room.

I asked God, “How come she has it so much better than I do? How come her life is so much easier than mine?”

God answered, “Tara, you have no idea what I have asked that woman to walk through. You have no idea what her past holds. You have no idea where she has been. You have no idea what fire she has been through. You have no idea what struggles she has been through. You have no idea at all. I have equipped her for her circumstances, just like I have equipped you for yours.”

There was a quote I read somewhere that went something like this, “It is said that if we were to throw all of our problems into a pile and could see what everyone else’s problems were, we would all gladly grab our problems back.”

Perspective. It is such a beautiful thing.

Love & Blessings,
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