When you are going over bumps in the road do you slow way down?

I was driving behind a car early this morning on my way to work and we came upon a bump in the road. There was a sign to our right that said, “Bump.” This bump has appeared over the course of our winter because of the amazing frigid cold we have had this season. This bump is also on a highway with a speed limit of 55 mph. When I am in the front of the pack, I slow down just a little, like to 50 mph, but this car that I was behind slowed down to about 25 mph.

It just got me thinking (of course) about bumps in life. I thought, do I slow down when I am cautioned about bumps ahead? I realized sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. I also then realized that when I do slow down and hesitate, I become more scared and freaked out about the bump ahead. I think too much about it and paranoia myself out even more and sometimes become so scared and terrified that I don’t ever even end up going over the bump. I turn around and watch everyone else do it instead. I also realized when I don’t slow down, and think, screw it-go for it, I am still scared but the scariness only lasts for a moment until I get over the bump. And the feeling of going over the bump is indescribable. It is like a victory, it is like a relief of something that I didn’t even know I had weighing on me. It may not always end up in victory or end up being pretty, but I feel victory inside and I feel pretty darn great and accomplished.

I totally understand bumps are scary. We don’t always know what will be on the other side. We don’t always know if we may get hurt from going over them. We don’t always know if it will even be worth it to have gone over the bump. It may not be in fact at first but I am willing to bet that overtime, you will find that bump’s worth. And this is why we must keep going over those bumps regardless of our fear.

Sometimes we will go over slow, sometimes we will go over fast; but whatever speed you decide to go over those darn bumps, go over them.

Love & Blessings,