Everyday I give my two puppydogs two treats. They get one when they go outside first thing in the morning or after our morning walk to go potty, and then they get another treat after they have went back outside to go poop. Sometimes my husband and I will throw in another treat here and there based on their good behavior or cuteness.

I noticed this morning when giving them treats, how one dog, Charlie, will sit and be still until he gets his treat. My other dog, Buster, will jump on me, try to bite at the bag, his tail wags uncontrollably; basically he freaks out till he gets his treat. So sometimes I like to make him wait longer. I will give Charlie his treat first and then make Buster wait another 15-30 seconds just because he almost doesn’t know what to think or do about waiting. He will look at the treat I am holding in my hand and then look back at Charlie eating his treat. He will continue to look back and forth almost like he is wondering if he should go steal Charlie’s treat before it is gone or wait till he gets his.

I just started thinking how these dogs repeat these same behaviors every single day. Charlie is very calm and patient. Buster is crazy and very impatient. Buster is nuts over a treat he gets every single day. The same treat. At pretty much the same time. Every day. Same with walks. Both of them go nuts then. Same when we come back from being gone somewhere, both dogs go nuts.

I just love it. They inspire me to get excited about the everyday mundane of life. It’s like when we wake up in the morning, we should be excited. When we have a significant other to wake up to, we should be excited and want to snuggle them. When we haven’t seen our significant others after a long day of work or being gone, we should get excited. I can understand not being as excited as dogs get because they look completely crazy, but what I like about how excited they get, is that they look completely crazy. So crazy, I HAVE to sit down on the couch with them and just love on them immediately. My bags are dropped on the floor and I literally put everything else on hold till I spend a minute loving on them.

Yeah, I need to start showing this type of behavior to my husband more. Maybe he will think I am nuts but I know that he will LOVE it. Who wouldn’t?

I love my dogs. They inspire me to be a better person and more kind human being every single day.

Who inspires you?

Love & Blessings,