Do you ever start something but never finish it?

I think a lot of us fall under this category. And when I think about why we don’t finish things in the first place, I think it is because we didn’t realize how hard it was actually going to be. We didn’t realize the time commitment it would take. We kind of thought we could breeze through it….like we did in some classes back in school. It is a hard truth when we realize that dreams do take hard work, lots of blood, endless sweat, and many moments of uncontrollable tears.

I like to think of it as all part of the dream equation though. Add all of the hard stuff together and the answer you will eventually get will be success. Success in whatever that means to YOU. Sometimes we are missing something from the equation so we have to pull it all apart and figure out what letter, what symbol, what term we are missing. Maybe we have to take something out of the equation. We again, have to pull it apart and figure out what piece we need to take out. All of this can take us weeks, months, years and maybe even more time. But, you WILL figure the equation out, I promise you.

The beauty is once you figure it out, you kind of coast. We are on a journey of never ending learning. Success is not for the lazy or weak hearted. The obstacles we overcome, the setbacks we meet, the challenges we face; these things polish us, prepare us, strengthen us, and teach us so much more that without them, we would not succeed. We NEED them; as hard as that is to grasp for some people.

So grab your armor and start. We don’t always know where to start or even how, but I promise you that if you continue to take one step after another step after another, the how will fall right into place. The where is right where we are. All you have to know is your why. Your why is most important. Your why should make you cry. Your why should carry you when you feel like giving up and throwing in the towel. Your why is the reason you finish in the first place.

Love & Blessings,