The last two days were what I call “drudging through the muck” days. You know, those days that feel like everything is moving very slow and everything is super hard and everyone is super negative and it kind of feels like everyone must super hate you. One of those days. For two days.

Something really neat happened to me though on the last night of those days. I work 50 hours a week and have been for the last 9 months of my life. Some days I tell myself I am used to it. But on those other days, I just want to quit and cry and eat ice cream and burgers and lay on the couch with my puppies and watch ruruns of SVU for weeks on end. I want to do that, but I don’t. Well, the other night I received a message from someone who told me about a job that is 40 hours a week and could, ahem, possibly be mine!! Of course, I have to go through all of the logistics BUT, this one piece of information, turned my frown upside down and I was back. Just like that.

My point; yes, some days life just really sucks. And it can be because of no particular reason, it just sucks. It is one of those “drudging through the muck” days. But it is in these days that we MUST keep moving forward. Even if we are unhappy for now, even if we would rather lay around, even if we would rather stop; we MUST keep going. I now know after going through these types of days, as do you, that they WILL end. And usually, they don’t last for longer than 2 days. Mine are usually a one dayer. Even so, either or; keep your head up, keep your shoulders back, fake that smile around others, offer kindness up, give love out, and keep your eyes up above.

There is something far better out there and up there. We will get through this life and through those “drudging through the muck” days. We have before, and we will now.

Keep going friends,