Going after your dreams and goals is just like brushing your teeth every single day. You know you have to brush them twice a day to keep them white. This is the first step. Once we get the brushing them twice a day down, we can move onto picking out what type of toothpaste we like best. Then we can start to keep track of how long we brush them for. And then, if we are super duper crazy about our teeth, we learn to floss daily as well.

The start of the journey is simple. We just simply must start. Then we can add more details into the mix. The key is to do it every single day. We teach our children and others these things so it is a shame we stop teaching ourselves these simple set of instructions as well. Success is built in the pockets of our days. We HAVE to work EVERY single day towards our dreams. Overtime, this is where we see the results. But if we look carefully, we realize that even though we finally see the change today, it actually started months or years before. It started when we started changing our habits and kept at it daily.

Love & Blessings,