Limit one per person. It is hard. It is not easy. It is fullfilling. It is an unforgettable journey. It comes with unforseen obstacles and high mountains and low valleys. It comes with happiness and adventure. It also comes with sadness and sorrow. You are able to create your life how you want it. You can assemble life whichever way you choose to. It is not an easy assemble. There are no instructions. You learn as you go. Some people will make fun of your life decisions. Some people will laugh at the way you choose to live your life. Life is what you make it. Remember, you only get one life. Use it wisely. Use it up. Wear the product out. Use it every single day you get to. It is a limit of one per person.

What if instead of graveyards, we had a library full of books of each person’s life? It would be their memoir of their whole life.

Live life in such a way that you know others would not want to put your memoir down. Live in such a way that every day is a page turner for your readers.

Love & Blessings,