Have you ever been in a rough place and just needed some hope? It is almost like no matter how much you try searching for it you just can’t find any damn hope?! Yeah, we have all been there. Some of us every single day.

The past few weeks for me have been a little rough. But, in the midst of all the roughness I kept getting these little bits of hope thrown my way at exactly the right moment and when I least expected it. It was great. It made me more thankful and blessed to be in this roughness. In roughness we grow. We have to or we will sink.

I came up with the term “hope bubbles” and really liked the idea of it so much that I wanted to share with others because we all need lots of hope. What are “hope bubbles”? Sometimes “hope bubbles” come in groups or masses at a time and then sometimes they come far and few, one at a time. So s l o w we are practically screaming at the top of our lungs to God, “I just need some hope!!!! Please!!! Something!!! Send me a donut to make me feel better!!! Just something!!!” I wonder how many times God laughs at us. Not at our circumstances but at how we react to them. How many times do we laugh at our kids and say, “Oh, I know, life is so hard honey. Boohoo.”

Anyways, these hope bubbles come in many different ways, shapes, forms, and sizes. People send them to us in cards, texts, phone calls, gifts; God sends them to us in other people-in friends, family, or even random people, or we can even find them if we keep our eyes open for them expecting to find them. God always seems to send mine at the last exact moment I am freaking out, about to give up, hanging on by a thread of hope, yet it is when I need them most. He has such perfect timing. I say he has perfect timing after I get them but not a moment before. Most of the time I have a hard time waiting on God’s timing. But, it is perfect and so is he.

Yesterday my “hope bubbles” came in the form of a call for an interview, a new magazine in the mail, a visit with family, a phone call from a friend, and an encouraging story that I needed to hear because I am going through the exact same thing this story was about. These were my beautiful little “hope bubbles”. I have to add my husband and Buster fill me with hope every single day. They are my constant “hope bubbles”. I hope all of you have constant ones too. Constant ones come in the shape of family and friends. People, not things. In my opinion, some of God’s greatest gifts are “hope bubbles.”

I love “hope bubbles”. Hope leads to inspiration. And inspiration leads to action. Be on the lookout for your beautiful “hope bubbles” floating on by. Grab them, thank them, and then thank God for them.

Love & Blessings,