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April 2014

Experience This Life

Although pictures allow us to see things we have not yet seen and/or give us the ability to show others what we have seen and they haven’t yet seen, you cannot replace the actual experience of being there, in the moment, with no lens capturing it, taking it all in, in your own eyes-no filter.

Kodiak can’t capture experience. True experience is experiencing life with no lens.

I encourage everyone to put the phones down, the cameras down; take views in with your own eyes. Experience-actually sit there and look for minutes at something that you find absolutely beautiful and amazing. Instead of viewing only pictures of something phenomenal, travel the world to see it for yourself.

Experience this life.

Love & Blessings,


Make The World Suck Less

Make the world suck less.

Unleash kindness like an uncontrollable field of dandelions. Help others like it’s a job you’re getting paid for. Give more time and money than you’re comfortable with. See someone hurting….offer a helping hand….show compassion. Forgive others like you are on fire-you want to get rid of it that fast. Spray love on everyone like it’s an endless bottle of perfume, always on hand in your back pocket.

At the end of our lives, it’s not about the houses we had, the cars we drove, the money we made or the company we kept. It’s about the lives we have touched, the people we have encouraged, inspired, helped, or even just acknowledged with a simple smile and kind hello.

Make the world suck less.

Love & Blessings,


Every time we open up our mouth and words come out, we have the power to impact others in such an enormous way. We have the power to bring kind words forth, inspiring tales, encouraging hope, and loving thoughts. We also have the power to do the opposite of these things.

I purposefully bring kindness about. I purposefully fight negativity. I purposefully equip myself every single day to go to battle with the enemies of this world. I purposefully do these things.

Are you living with purpose?

Love & Blessings,


When life gets scary and loud, ask a friend to tell you a story. The story will drown out the loud booming in the background that won’t stop scaring us. Soon, we will get so involved in the story that all we will hear is the story. The booming will begin to fade further and further away. Eventually, it will be gone. But the story, that will always be there. It will be our inspiration, our courage, our hope, our dreams; it will be our saving grace.

People need your stories. Share them.

Love & Blessings,

YOUR Best Life

I thought for years about what I should do with my life. There were things I knew I wanted included such as; be my own boss, make the amount of money that I know I am worth, live without any limits on the dreams I can achieve, inspire others, empower others to live their best life and go for it. Push away fearful and embrace the fearless life. And, currently one of my new goals inspired by Lori Harder; I want to put fear out of business.

There was a problem when I started on this journey over 4 years ago though. I sat and thought, what should I do to get there, for too damn long. I sat and thought. Then I sat and thought some more. I read some books. I listened to some music. I followed some role models and mentors on social media. But, I still sat and thought. I dreamed. Boy, did I dream. I had so many ideas. They were everywhere! You could ask anyone that was close to me. One week I was doing this and then the next week, I had dumped that idea and decided on a different one. I was all over the place, never staying the course and always full of ideas.

Finally, I decided to put the pedal to the metal and the rubber to the road. I started implementing the things I truly enjoyed doing into my everyday life. I made sure I fit in what I truly wanted to focus on every single day. Even if it was for only 10 minutes a day. I MADE time for it. I can’t be sure when and I can’t pinpoint the exact time, but all of the sudden, I was living in parts of my dreams. I AM living in parts of my dreams. It is amazing. It is awesome. It is hard flippin work but oh boy, is it so worth it.

My encouragement for you today is to stop thinking so damn much! Put the pedal to that flippin medal and get the rubber screeching on the road. Peel right outta “Thinking” Town and move right on into “Doing” Town.

Love & Blessings,

Suck It Up Buttercup!

For all of you pushing the limits, going after your dreams, pursuing the calling God placed on your heart, defying the odds, challenging the status quo; for all of you I say, “Suck it up buttercup!”

I recently finished reading, “Do The Work,” by Steven Pressfield. Although there are many great nuggets of wisdom in this little gem of a book, the one piece that really struck my cord is the one I want to share with all of you. Yes, there will be times we want to quit. Yes, there will be times we want to give up. Yes, there will by many times we are complete failures…and on something we believed so strongly in and just knew it was going to be something big. It breaks our hearts. It tears us down. It cripples us. It feels like we were just sucker punched and the air is knocked right out of our lungs. It SUCKS. We can’t breath. And we are laying there in our artwork wondering why the hell we even tried in the first place. It SUCKS.

I am going to leave you with an encouraging message from Steven Pressfield’s book. This message encouraged me. The whole book encouraged me but this little piece has stuck with me. This message came at a time in Steven’s life when he had given up everything to pursue his dream of becoming a writer and had just released a movie in Hollywood that received horrible reviews. He was 42 years old and felt like a loser and completely worthless. He says, “My friend Tony Keppelman snapped me out of it by asking if I was going to quit. Hell, no! “Then be happy,” he said. “You’re where you wanted to be, aren’t you? So you’re taking a few blows. That’s the price for being in the arena and not on the sidelines. Stop complaining and be grateful.”

Boom. Right in his face.

Failing means we have tried. Failing means we actually completed a project and showed it to the world to judge and see it. Failing means we aren’t on the sidelines anymore. Failing means we are no longer amateurs. We are no pros.

Have you failed recently? Are you groveling it it still?

Stop complaining and be grateful. In other words, suck it up buttercup!

Love & Blessings,


I went for a run outside. My husband decided to stay home and watch TV. On my run I saw birds chirping, animals playing, people walking, kids laughing, people in cars going places, restaurants alive with life, homes filled with love, flowers blooming, the sky changing, the sun setting, leaves blowing, other couples walking and holding hands; I saw so much life and I was so inspired. All because I went for a run.

My husband saw life on a TV. A rerun. He was asleep when I got home.

I saw life in real life. No reruns. I was ready to conquer the world when I got home.

My point: To get inspired we have to GO GET inspired. To get motivated, we have to GO GET motivated. To see life, we have to GO GET in life. To conquer the world, we have to GO!

Love & Blessings,

We Are Human

I was watching a TV show the other day about some gang members who beat a man to death just because I guess. It was a true story show. It just got me to thinking of other things like people who post on social media about people who have upset them but they use name calling and hurtful words instead of just saying, “I am hurt.” I started thinking about the whole gay marriage issue and many other controversial hot topics these days and how we can use such hurtful words about people we don’t even know. That is just crazy to me. How do we forget these people we are attacking are human?

I fail to understand why we humans, can be so mean. What for? What is the purpose? I mean, we are all human. We all have feelings, families, children, struggles, pasts, things we have been through that have hurt us and shaped us into who we are today. We ALL know what it is like to struggle in this life. So, why do we think that we should make others feel our pain or pain just because we want them to feel pain? Just because someone doesn’t wear their pain out in the open for everyone to see, this does not mean they do not have pain behind those eyes.

I keep coming back to the conclusion that we are all human. We all have hearts. We all have struggles. I believe our purpose on this earth is to HELP each other. I have always been taught that if I have nothing nice to say that I shouldn’t say anything at all. I try to stick to this. Sometimes I may need to vent but for the most part, it is with a friend I completely trust to just hear me vent.

We are human. Let’s stop hurting others just because. And if we do hurt someone, let’s have enough balls to apologize and own up to our hurtful words and hurtful actions. Wouldn’t that be something?

Love & Blessings,

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