For all of you pushing the limits, going after your dreams, pursuing the calling God placed on your heart, defying the odds, challenging the status quo; for all of you I say, “Suck it up buttercup!”

I recently finished reading, “Do The Work,” by Steven Pressfield. Although there are many great nuggets of wisdom in this little gem of a book, the one piece that really struck my cord is the one I want to share with all of you. Yes, there will be times we want to quit. Yes, there will be times we want to give up. Yes, there will by many times we are complete failures…and on something we believed so strongly in and just knew it was going to be something big. It breaks our hearts. It tears us down. It cripples us. It feels like we were just sucker punched and the air is knocked right out of our lungs. It SUCKS. We can’t breath. And we are laying there in our artwork wondering why the hell we even tried in the first place. It SUCKS.

I am going to leave you with an encouraging message from Steven Pressfield’s book. This message encouraged me. The whole book encouraged me but this little piece has stuck with me. This message came at a time in Steven’s life when he had given up everything to pursue his dream of becoming a writer and had just released a movie in Hollywood that received horrible reviews. He was 42 years old and felt like a loser and completely worthless. He says, “My friend Tony Keppelman snapped me out of it by asking if I was going to quit. Hell, no! “Then be happy,” he said. “You’re where you wanted to be, aren’t you? So you’re taking a few blows. That’s the price for being in the arena and not on the sidelines. Stop complaining and be grateful.”

Boom. Right in his face.

Failing means we have tried. Failing means we actually completed a project and showed it to the world to judge and see it. Failing means we aren’t on the sidelines anymore. Failing means we are no longer amateurs. We are no pros.

Have you failed recently? Are you groveling it it still?

Stop complaining and be grateful. In other words, suck it up buttercup!

Love & Blessings,