I thought for years about what I should do with my life. There were things I knew I wanted included such as; be my own boss, make the amount of money that I know I am worth, live without any limits on the dreams I can achieve, inspire others, empower others to live their best life and go for it. Push away fearful and embrace the fearless life. And, currently one of my new goals inspired by Lori Harder; I want to put fear out of business.

There was a problem when I started on this journey over 4 years ago though. I sat and thought, what should I do to get there, for too damn long. I sat and thought. Then I sat and thought some more. I read some books. I listened to some music. I followed some role models and mentors on social media. But, I still sat and thought. I dreamed. Boy, did I dream. I had so many ideas. They were everywhere! You could ask anyone that was close to me. One week I was doing this and then the next week, I had dumped that idea and decided on a different one. I was all over the place, never staying the course and always full of ideas.

Finally, I decided to put the pedal to the metal and the rubber to the road. I started implementing the things I truly enjoyed doing into my everyday life. I made sure I fit in what I truly wanted to focus on every single day. Even if it was for only 10 minutes a day. I MADE time for it. I can’t be sure when and I can’t pinpoint the exact time, but all of the sudden, I was living in parts of my dreams. I AM living in parts of my dreams. It is amazing. It is awesome. It is hard flippin work but oh boy, is it so worth it.

My encouragement for you today is to stop thinking so damn much! Put the pedal to that flippin medal and get the rubber screeching on the road. Peel right outta “Thinking” Town and move right on into “Doing” Town.

Love & Blessings,