Our world tends to get the definition of hard wrong. I used to. I remember when I first started to step outside of my comfort zone, I would always complain about how hard it was. I would challenge myself to make conversation with store clerks, cashiers, waitresses, random people and I would always think it is so hard. The truth is, it is not hard. Not at all. Maybe a little scary? Yes. I was after all, stepping outside of my comfort zone. But hard? No. Not hard.

Hard is getting hit by a bus or a car. Hard is losing a loved one. Hard is getting set on fire. Hard is battling depression or cancer or an illness or being paralyzed. I don’t mean to get so dramatic here but that stuff is hard.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone isn’t hard.

People either take you as you are or leave you as you are. When we step outside of our comfort zones, we won’t die. We won’t get rocks thrown at us. We won’t get beaten up. It is not hard. Don’t get it twisted. Don’t get it confused.

Go on now. Step outside of your comfort zone. It is not hard. It is liberating.

Love & Blessings,