I was sitting in the audience listening to the presenter speak. The presenter asked a question. I knew the answer but I was too scared to raise my hand and answer it. So someone else answered it. The presenter asked a different question. I knew the answer to this one as well yet, I didn’t raise my hand to answer it. Someone else did. The presenter then asked another question. I knew the answer to this one too! Yet, I still didn’t raise my hand. And no one else did either. I kept thinking, raise your hand Tara, speak up. You know the answer. Don’t be afraid! Time passed and the presenter answered her own question.

This story just got me thinking about other circumstances and instances where I don’t speak up. It then got me thinking in general about how many of us let time pass us by, when we know the correct answer, and yet, we don’t speak up. Times when we feel we may be showing off what we know. Or times we may think we don’t deserve to get praised for what we are knowledgeable about. Or times we know we are great at something, yet we don’t speak up when someone is looking for someone who is good at what we are good at. Why do we do this? We let the moment pass us by. We don’t speak up!

I am here to tell you to, no actually to shout to you, “SPEAK UP!!!!!”

The world NEEDS people who speak up. The world needs people who aren’t afraid to climb out of their shell and help with what they have been gifted with in the first place. We shouldn’t be afraid of what other people may think or that we are being too prideful or that we are just showing off. If God gifted you with this amazing talent, then you better darn well speak up. USE it. Use it all up. I am willing to bet that what you are gifted with, is in direct correlation to what your purpose or what part of your purpose is here on this earth.

I am leaving you with a quote from Jennie Allen’s study “Restless” that really struck a chord in me after I read it. It reminds me of one of Marianne Williamson’s famous quotes. May it inspire you as it has inspired me.

“I have lived a lot of my life on the back row fearing that if I dream or live great dreams I may steal glory from God. Who am I to even think such a thing? As my friend Christine Caine says, “Who am I to dare think, that on my very best day, I could ever take one little piece of the glory of God?”

“So instead of fearing or craving greatness, crave God and run your guts out.”


Love & Blessings,