What kind of story are you writing? If you were a book, would people want to read your story? Would you be able to draw your readers in and keep them interested in your story?

Have you ever heard someone tell a story about their life where everything that happened to them was completely perfect? I haven’t. And if I ever do, I would be completely bored. Who gets inspired by perfect stories? All the stories we get inspired by are the ones where the characters have had to overcome great obstacles. Obstacles where you may think, as a reader, there is no way the character will overcome this struggle. But then, they do!! And what are we most inspired by?? The story of how they overcame that struggle!

You may be in a funk. You may be in a drought. You may be in the midst of a struggle. You may be thinking there is no way you will overcome this obstacle. My advice; go read a story of triumph! When we read about people going through the same kind of things we are going through, we get inspired and encouraged by their story. And when we read about someone who has or went through something worse, we get even more inspired and encouraged. And better yet, we lose the victim mentality.

Need some advice on great stories to read about triumph? Just use google. There are so many out there. Read their story and then go get yourself out of that funk. Pick yourself up and write a story that will be worth reading.

You never know…..maybe someday someone will read your story.

Love & Blessings,