The other day I walked right into a dream of mine. Literally. Actually, it was more like I was sitting down at a table with 5 other people and was given the dream. I didn’t even realize what happened until I was driving home and it hit me. I just reached one of my dreams!

There are times in life when we feel like nothing is happening. We are doing all this work, hard work, putting in the time, doing the research, spending time in the lab, sweating, grinding away; yet, nothing is happening. I know this feeling. We have all been there. The thing I have learned is to keep going. Don’t give up. Yes, it feels like it is not working. We want to SCREAM! We want to SHOUT! We question the universe or God, “What is going on? Help me!”

Persistence pays off.

If you research successful people (people who have achieved their dreams), they go through hard times, again and again, and they just keep going. They keep going until they reach their goal.

This dream may sound silly to others, but one of my dreams since I worked at a Boys and Girls Club has been to be on the board. I don’t know how you get on a board. In my mind, I kind of thought you had to make a lot of money. I’ve just always wanted to be on one that I am passionate about. Well, I didn’t get on The Boys and Girls Club board (yet), I did get on a different board that I am passionate about. I have been putting in the effort, going to the meetings, helping out when I can, and then….the dream was handed to me.

Please please PLEASE, don’t give up when the going gets tough. Trudge your way through it. You may be a little slower going. It’s okay. We all have our slow days. Just keep going.

Persistence pays off.

Love & Blessings,