Out of our garbage, God makes masterpieces.

Have you ever heard of a compost? You throw all of your leftover garbage in there. You take orange peels, old lettuce, animal feces, apple cores, etc., and you toss it into your compost. From this garbage, the best kind of fertilizer is made. From this garbage, the best kind of growth happens.

God can take all of the grossest, dirtiest, hardest parts of our lives and turn them into something beautiful. If we let him.

Sometimes we are suffering and we don’t see an end in sight. We don’t see how any good can come from this time in our lives. It is hard to see any good looking forward. But, we will see it when we are past the suffering looking backward.

Suffering produces many things…not all bad. After suffering, we are left with the beautiful pieces that stood the test of time.

We are the beautiful pieces.

Love & Blessings,