There are many times I feel this nudge from the Universe or God to do something. It could be anything from go talk to that person, smile at her/him, compliment them, post that thought, write that down, raise your hand and speak, donate to that cause, etc. Yet, so many times I simply ignore that nudge. First, I don’t want to honor the nudge because I have fear surrounding the act, yet when I ignore the nudge, I feel more pain and discomfort.

What is the correct answer then?

Honor that nudge. Follow that calling. Do that thang.

If we have more pain and discomfort for NOT following it, then we can certainly go through a little pain and discomfort when following it initially.

It is hard to put yourself out there. It is hard to have people criticize you for being so brave but the harder thing is ignoring your true purpose. Ignoring that which makes you come alive and feel freedom. Complete freedom. I’m talking about freedom that allows us to be ourselves without judging our own selves. That is complete freedom.

I think back to when I was a child. I laughed more. I cried more. I got mad more. I was goofy more. I showed more of who I really was. I didn’t care what others thought of me and I didn’t have any fears surrounding me being just me.

As Peta Kelly says, “Freedom is an inside job.”

Go get back that freedom of truly loving yourself and being yourself. No judging yourself. Complete freedom to love and be…….your true self.

The really cool thing about getting this complete freedom thing down for yourself is you allow others to truly love and be themselves too…without judging them.

How frickin peaceful and calming is that?

Be stupid silly. Let those crazy ideas ooze out of you. Let them come spilling out. Then go share them with others without feeling like you are being judged. Love who and what you are. A higher power made YOU. Crazy silly sometimes stupid you. Honor that. Separate yourself from the masses. Be you without apology.

Love & Blessings,