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July 2014


When life hands you lemons, what do you do?

Sometimes I take the lemons and bite them. This makes it worse.

Sometimes I take the lemons, bite them and follow it up with some salt. This makes it bearable.

And then sometimes, I take the lemons and make a good old lemonade drink. This makes it better.

I am not sure why I never learn to do the latter every time. I mean, if this is the one that is the wisest choice and most enjoyable choice, why don’t I choose it every time?

Why don’t you?

Love & Blessings,



We all see the commercials asking us to help animals and children. You know, the ones that make you cry. The ones that we sometimes turn off because we watch them and immediately feel overwhelmed. Like, what can we possibly do to help ALL those children? Or, what can we do to possibly help ALL those animals? It is overwhelming.

There was a lady named Gaby in her late twenties, walking down the street in Chicago on her way to work. This was the same street that she always took to work. On this day she saw a homeless woman sitting on the ground with a sign that read, “I am hungry. Please help.” Passing by the homeless on her way to work was something that had become ordinary to Gaby. She saw it on a daily basis so she didn’t think much of it anymore. On this particular day, Gaby felt a nudge from the universe when she walked by this one homeless lady with the sign. So, she decided to give her $100 dollars. Then she walked away.

The lady with the sign who was homeless had a name. Her name was Margaret. She had been living on the street for a little over 2 weeks now. This was her first time ever being homeless. She had left her abusive boyfriend of over 5 years. After being in the hospital for the last time due to injuries from him, she decided she wanted to live instead of die. She knew this is what was going to eventually happen to her if she didn’t leave. So one day, she left him while he ran to the gas station quick, with no money, no clothes, and no belongings except for her ID. She didn’t know where to go so she found a new home living on the streets. She had no family. She had aged out of the foster care system at the age of 18 ten years ago. She managed to get by with enough food for the last 2 weeks but was still learning every day about life on the streets. When Gaby gave her $100, she was ecstatic. She already knew what she was going to do with it.

Margaret went to get food, asked for help to find a Battered Women’s Shelter, found one, and took a taxi to get there. Once there, she was able to stay there, use the resources available to get counseling, help her get back on her feet, find employment within the facility, and get a place of her own eventually. Fast forward to 3 years later and Margaret is now an Advocate for Battered Women at this shelter, almost finished with her college degree, has a place of her own, and hits the streets every week with others to help other women who are homeless and living on the streets.

Gaby continues to walk down the street on her way to work everyday-helping others and reaching out to them whenever she can. She has no idea what that $100 did for Margaret and the ripple effect it created. Gaby has no idea how many people she has helped by giving Margaret that $100.

Don’t ever think you can’t help just one person because there are so many that need help and it is overwhelming to the point of not wanting to do anything at all. Maybe only you can help one person, but whomever you help, may help many more….because of YOU.

Love & Blessings,

Happiness Begins With Our Thoughts

They were sitting at the bar having a cocktail after work. Two ladies. They were talking about how life had been blah for them lately. One of them asked the other, “How can we go from blah to yea?” as she gestured with her right hand down by her waist and then up over her head.

The other lady stared at her for a moment looking deep in thought but she didn’t answer.

The other one finally said, “Well, we have to figure out what we want and then go after what we want.”

So she asked to the other, “What do you want?”

She looked at her without hesitation and said, “I want to quit my job. I want to break up with my boyfriend. I want to travel. I want to move across the country. I want to live alone again. I want to find a job where I feel valued. I want to pursue what I love.”

She then asked her friend the same question, “What do you want?”

Her friend said, “I want to find a job. I want to find a man. I want to settle down. I want to get married and have children. I want to live with someone I love.”

They both looked at each other and started laughing.

Each wanted what the other currently had.

Remember, the only thing standing between what you want and what you don’t have, is you.

Also remember, someone always wants what you have.

Happiness is an inside job. Change your thoughts, change your life.

Love & Blessings,

Who Are The Insane Ones?

Food For Thought:

Kids aren’t following our rules.

So what do we do? Up the sanctions. Making it harder for them to follow through.

So what do they do? They continue to fail at following the rules.

So what do we do? We up the sanctions even more.

And what do they do? They continue to fail at following through.

“I’ve told my child to clean his room over 100 times now and he still hasn’t done it. Who is the slower learner?”

Maybe instead of upping the punishment for our kids at home or kids we work with, we need to up a different area. Maybe give more love, more affection, more quality time, more joy, more dinner time, more bonding time; more something time other than punishment.

Otherwise, I continue to ask myself, are we just setting our kids up for failure from the start?

The kid has failed his drug test over 3 times. So what do I do? I take more things away. I take away more of his freedom. Even doing this, he continues to fail his drug test. I continue to take away more freedoms from him. He continues to fail his drug test.

Who do you think is the slower learner?

When will we learn?

Kids are crying out for help. Yet we continue to look in a different direction. I am not saying I know the answers but I am saying that we definitely do not know the solution.

We are the insane ones. Not the kids.

Love & Blessings,

Small, Sucky, & Stucky

Starting small and sucky beats staying stucky. ~Marie Forleo

Remember that every Pro once started out as an Amateur. As amateurs, we have had to deliver our first lame everything! Our first lame newsletter, our first lame workshop, our first lame ebook, our first lame workout class, our first lame whatever. It is embarrassing and sometimes for people, the end of that.

I am here to tell you, NO!! Don’t stop. Don’t let your first lame anything derail you and your big dreams. Think of it like Marie says, my first lame workshop was in the bag. Check it off your list. From here, we can only go up, right?

We all start off small and sucky. And yes, this beats staying stucky and never even getting our ideas off the ground because we are paralyzed by making it absolutely perfect.

I’ve had my fair share of bombs. They are embarrassing and sometimes make me wish I could erase them but then I am reminded of how much I have learned from these disasters. And then I look at how far I have come! There is magic in the doing; the i.n.g.

Every failure just means you are one failure closer to the big success. If we knew we had to fail 200 times before finally succeeding, we would welcome the failures! Failure number 167 is checked off, bring on number 168! Wouldn’t that be something?

Don’t give up. We all start small and sucky. And yes, it does absolutely beat staying stucky.

Go get those dreams!

Love & Blessings,


If you live everyday thinking, you only live once, how much more of life would you live?


Love & Blessings,

Break Out!

Feel like the world doesn’t get you? Feel like a caged animal? Feel like you aren’t living up to your greatest potential? Feel bored yet you are busy with “stuff”?

Following the masses will cause you to feel this way. Not pursuing your gifts will cause you to feel this way.

Break away from the masses. Pursue your gifts.

God made YOU to be YOU.

Love & Blessings,

Hard Times

Hard times.

Some days we are plugging along, everything is going good, not necessarily great, but good. And good enough is good enough for us. And then it’s like, crash! We wake up in the middle of the week and feel sad. We feel alone. We feel lost.

I have these days here and there and I still try to figure out where the heck they come from. Out of the blue, things are hard. I’m talking about days where there is no reason things should be hard, but they are….for some reason.

I’m sure you have these days. We all do I believe. I say, get through these days. Do your best to lift your head up, face the world, act brave, have courage, and carry on. Give these days your best. Even if on those days, your best is not really your best.

Your best will get you through those days. Carry on.  

Love & Blessings,



I met a young girl the other day that truly loves what she does for a living. I can count on one hand the number of people I have met face to face who truly love their work. I think this is crazy. Shouldn’t more of us, who spend 40+ hours a week at our jobs, love it versus hate it?

She told me that she can’t believe she gets paid to do what she does. “I get paid to sit down, talk with people and help them. I can’t believe it!”

I was totally blown away. Here, I was struggling to find this passion in the same exact profession she was in, for me. I definitely felt renewed and gained a whole new perspective from, get this, 24 year old co-worker of mine.

Our passions may be slightly different, but we share the same passion of helping others to succeed in life, to become better versions of themselves; to see a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

 She completely inspired me. She completely changed my perspective.

Change your mind, change your life.

Love & Blessings,


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