Starting small and sucky beats staying stucky. ~Marie Forleo

Remember that every Pro once started out as an Amateur. As amateurs, we have had to deliver our first lame everything! Our first lame newsletter, our first lame workshop, our first lame ebook, our first lame workout class, our first lame whatever. It is embarrassing and sometimes for people, the end of that.

I am here to tell you, NO!! Don’t stop. Don’t let your first lame anything derail you and your big dreams. Think of it like Marie says, my first lame workshop was in the bag. Check it off your list. From here, we can only go up, right?

We all start off small and sucky. And yes, this beats staying stucky and never even getting our ideas off the ground because we are paralyzed by making it absolutely perfect.

I’ve had my fair share of bombs. They are embarrassing and sometimes make me wish I could erase them but then I am reminded of how much I have learned from these disasters. And then I look at how far I have come! There is magic in the doing; the i.n.g.

Every failure just means you are one failure closer to the big success. If we knew we had to fail 200 times before finally succeeding, we would welcome the failures! Failure number 167 is checked off, bring on number 168! Wouldn’t that be something?

Don’t give up. We all start small and sucky. And yes, it does absolutely beat staying stucky.

Go get those dreams!

Love & Blessings,