This is 30.

1) Life is in the grunt of each day. I spent so much time in my 20’s trying to get to somewhere I wasn’t sure I was going. I have finally learned life is what is happening right now. Right now as you read this. Life is here. Life is now. Live it. Plan life but leave room for God to work and fate to happen. Life is pretty frickin amazing when you learn this.

2) Sad things happen. Bad things happen. It all happens. We all experience it. None of us are immune from the trials and tribulations of life. Feel these things. Learn from these things. But most importantly, make peace with these things. Trust the bigger plan. Learn to love the questions to the answers you don’t have.

3) If you are bored with life, find something you enjoy doing and go do more of that. I promise you, life will get more exciting when you are doing what you truly enjoy doing.

4) Follow your own curiosity. What sparks your interest? What draws your attention? Don’t fight that nudge. Embrace it. Listen to it. Follow it. This is your heart talking directly to you. What better way to know what you are supposed to do then to listen to your own heart?

5) Your mind will talk you out of things that you are meant to do. There are times we need to think logical and be responsible but I believe there is a way to do what you really want to do if you do it logically and responsibly. Yes, you can do something crazy and totally off the wall in a responsible way. Don’t always listen to your mind. Sometimes it is telling you something just because this is what the “masses” are doing or it is “just the way it is.” Are the masses happy? Sometimes the people that do things because that’s “just the way it is” are the worst examples we can look at.

6) Be yourself. Be YOUrself. The most freeing thing we can all do is be our own unique individual self. Not everyone will like you. That’s ok. Not everyone will understand you. That’s ok. The ones that do though, those are the ones meant to be in your life. These are your people. Be YOU.

7) Give more than you get. I don’t know if giving is actually selfless because when you give, you get so much more in return. I think the people that give the most have found this little secret out. It all starts out selfless but ends up being so much more rewarding than words can describe. Go see.

8) Everyone misuses the word hard. I do it all the time. Monday’s aren’t hard. Moving isn’t hard. Working out isn’t hard. Getting up early isn’t hard. Being nice to mean people isn’t hard. Hard is battling cancer. Hard is losing a loved one and/or many more. Hard is losing a beloved pet. Hard is being paralyzed. Hard is losing something near and dear to your heart. Hard is sacrificing for your country. Hard is being in a car accident or any kind of accident and fighting for your life. Hard is not having enough food and water as a child. Hard is being abused by someone you love at a vulnerable age. Those things are hard. Life is challenging, but not always hard.

9) Creating the life you want is literally following those who have done it before you. We have so many examples around us to do this. The people who are doing what they love for a living aren’t any more special than you or I. They didn’t have any more smarts than you or I. They didn’t have any more money than you or I. What they did have was courage, strength, and an unbreakable will to achieve their wildest dreams.

10) Setbacks make us stronger. Setbacks make us better. Setbacks make us wiser. Setbacks help mold us into exactly who God wants us to be. Setbacks do suck. I’m not saying they don’t. But if you use them, they are more important than any great time we have ever had. Setbacks are the change agents that take people from doing ordinary things to doing extraordinary things. Without setbacks, we would all stay ordinary. Puke. No thank you.

11) Friends and dogs make life better. It’s that simple. Some of us have no family. And, not all of us get married or have kids. But what we can all do is find one or two really good friends and keep them in our life. And we can all get a dog or some sort of pet. Trust me, these two things make life better.

12) Laughing is a must. Look stupid. Snort when you laugh. Cry when you laugh. Have the most annoying laugh. Have the loudest laugh ever. Just laugh. It is a must in life.

13) Travel. See the world while you can. I have been pretty blessed to do the traveling I have already done but, I’m not done yet. No kids yet? Travel. No significant other yet? Travel. Save your money up and see the world. See the different cultures. It is amazing and eye opening beyond words to see that there are other humans in this world living a totally different way than you do. This life is not all about you. We are not all the same. This is phenomenal.

14) Don’t settle. Sometimes you will want to. Don’t! Yes, all of your friends may be getting married and having kids and you’re still single but don’t lose faith. You may want to settle but don’t. Throw yourself into the things you want to do. Throw yourself into the things you are passionate about. Don’t settle.

15) Forgive. Forgiving others who have wronged you may not seem fair. But the thing is, the greatest gift you can give yourself is to let go of that resentment you harbor and hold onto from someone who has hurt you. Forgiving others is something you do for yourself. It helps YOU. Forgive.

Love & Blessings,
Tara (30 Years Old)