I was caught in a moment staring at this beautiful rose. I couldn’t stop staring at it. It’s beauty astounded me. This beautiful perfect vibrant colorful rose. Dark red were its petals and dark green was its stem. The petals were completely perfect in size and shape. Absolutely perfect.

It got me thinking about life and the Universe. It got me thinking about all of the other beautiful perfect vibrant colorful flowers. How God made these things. He made these beautiful perfect vibrant colorful flowers. He made rain so the rain would help these flowers grow and nourish them. Can you believe that? Everything He made has purpose-even flowers!

Flowers are absolutely beautiful….but do you know what is even more beautiful? Humans. Humans are more beautiful. I mean, we have two hands, two ears, two eyes, one mouth, two legs, two arms, organs, hair, and so much more. But, best of all, we have a heart. God made us with a heart. Who does that? Who even makes something and then thinks about what they should put inside?!? God does. And then when he decides to make insides, he makes a beautiful heart. A heart that beats. A heart that its purpose is to keep us alive. A heart that allows us to love. When I really think about all this, it is nothing short of amazing.

Who does that?

God does.

If our God or Universe or whatever you want to call him or her that made us can make flowers so utterly completely perfect and beautiful, then you better believe they took the time to make each of us utterly completely perfect and beautiful too.

Love & Blessings,