If life throws a brick at you, what do you do? How do you react?

We can either just stand there and let it hit us or we can move hoping it won’t hit us. Either way, we control how we react.

This is the beauty of life. We control how we react to every situation. We can’t always control what life is going to throw at us but we do have control over our reactions to what life does throw at us. We are driving the bus. We are steering the wheel. This also makes it brutal for us.

We are each dealt a certain hand in life. We decide how we play that hand. We can either fold which would also mean giving up, allowing life to happen to us or we can play that hand to the best of our ability and knowledge, making the best of the hand we have been given-not allowing life to just happen to us because life is what we make it. We can make our life exactly the way we choose to. We choose.

At the end of every night, we choose.

At the beginning of every morning, we choose.

What are you choosing? How are you reacting to your present life circumstances? What things are you holding onto in the past?

Be free. Open up.

You choose.

Love & Blessings,