Be patient.

Live life.

Have faith.

These three sentences could sum up my motto for learning to let go of the past and the hurt along with the disappointments life throws at us. We can’t ever be sure of the “whys” of things, but what we can be sure of is the trust that we HAVE to have in order to move forward with life. Without trust, we are wishy washy lollygagging around not ever sure of what direction we want to pick in fear of missing out on the past. Without trust, we believe we have control over certain things when in reality we do not. We only have control over our reactions.

This means we have to trust that fate or destiny or God or the Universe or whatever has a plan. A master plan. And we are in their command.

Trusting in something bigger than you or I takes the pressure off of ourselves having to have it all figured out on our own and trying to control life.

Be patient. Live life. Have faith.

Love & Blessings,