You can’t be what you can’t see. ~Marian Wright Edelman

I had a friend who had big dreams and big wishes. She was super motivated and a go-getter. You would even think that she was totally confident in herself. The truth is she wasn’t. Even though she had all the tools in her hands, she didn’t have the correct dialogue running through her mind. Her thoughts were filled with doubt about her ability to reach those dreams. Because of this, she hasn’t reached her dreams…..yet.

You see, you may have all the tools needed to obtain your dreams but if you don’t really believe it, if you still have doubts, you are sending mixed messages out to the Universe, people, and yourself. You HAVE to believe it before you see it. You HAVE to see it before you see it.

People, our mind is so frickin powerful!! It can be our prison or our freedom. We have the keys if it is our prison. Don’t be one of those people that grip the keys so tightly in their hands that they actually forget what they are holding so tightly onto. The keys are not meant to be hidden from anyone or kept away from anyone. The only person that doesn’t want you to take those keys and unlock that prison cell door is yourself.

Unlock it, throw the key and never look back.

Freedom is right around the corner.

Love & Blessings,