“Do something with your life!”

This blog is dedicated specifically for the dreamers out there. The people who are going against the grain and trying to make a living doing what they LOVE to do. The people who are constantly told, “You can’t make any money doing that. Do something with your life!”

Alan Watts is a great inspiration of mine. He says that we have such a great educational system that it is full of people who would rather be writers, artists, singers, poets, musicians, etc., yet are told we can’t make any money doing that. SO, instead, we should follow the masses and do what we really don’t like doing so we can continue to do what we don’t like doing so we can pay for the things we never really wanted to continue doing what we don’t like doing. He says something along those lines. And then he says, “It’s stupid!” Genius, this man.

How many of us follow the American Dream? Graduate High School, go onto College, get Married, have Children, and work 40 hours a week at a JOB that isn’t our dream job. Some of us, the ones that have stayed true to our purpose and our calling, are living very fulfilling lives-lives we call our dream lives. To those people I say, “AWESOME!” And I ask, “How did you do it??”

Us, the dreamers, not many people understand us. We are a weird bunch. We are a rare bunch. We are a bunch that is always in our own heads-dreaming of our future lives, people we’d love to have dinner with, possibilities, opportunities, ways to change the world, ways to create and so much more. Our minds are constantly going. Sometimes it drives us cRazY!! But, for the most part, we like our minds. We find comfort and safety in our minds. I like how Glennon Melton uses an analogy for introverts but I will use it for dreamers too…….it is like we are scuba divers and we are under water exploring when all of a sudden we are yanked back to the surface by the world; which takes a minute to catch our breath before we realize what is going on.

You see, we are born to RUN. We are. I believe we are ALL dreamers but, we each are born with a unique innate gift from God. Some of us have the American Dream dream (and that is okay, in fact, it is AWESOME), yet, some of us ask, “Which way are the masses going?” And then we say, “Ok, I am going the exact opposite way then.”

I work with kids who have crazy high energy and NEED constant stimuli or else HELL breaks loose. What breaks my heart more than anything while working with these kids though, is the world constantly trying to make them conform to what we consider “normal” when what they may need is the ability and the freedom to NOT have to conform to our “normal”. Inside each of them I see future creative artists of life with stories of triumph (because to overcome what some of these kids have been through and STILL lead a healthy life is AMAZING, in fact it is a MIRACLE). They may be taking a path of “risky business” in their youth, but I believe if we wouldn’t take our cookie cutter mold and try to shape them into our “normal”, they may, in time, be who they were meant to be……which doesn’t-which won’t-fit our cookie cutter mold.

You are born to run. So RUN! Run your heart out. Run your guts out. Be happy you don’t fit the mold-haven’t you heard that God broke the mold after He made you anyways. And, some of those molds I think even He got a little carried away with while making them. THANK YOU God!

We all have dreams, different dreams, but no matter what OUR dream is, it is OUR dream. Never cut down someone else’s dream just because it doesn’t match your view of the American Dream. My American Dream might never involve marriage with a white picket fence and beautiful children just like your American Dream does involve marriage with a white picket fence and beautiful children.

Either way, we are ALL doing something with our life.



“Good writing succeeds or fails on the strength of its ability to engage you, to make you think, to give you a glimpse into someone else’s head.” ~Malcolm Gladwell