I met someone the other day who is an advocate for children with Mental Health Needs. This person used to work for NASA when he changed his profession completely because of having two boys who are autistic. He now works in the Human Services field. Talk about a complete 180.

It just made me think of how our lives can change in a second…..but really it is a long played out version before the change is actually applied. I am not talking about a car accident or a sudden unexpected death where our life does actually change in a second. I am only talking about those “second” changes where it really was a journey of months, even years.

One man went from working for NASA to the Human Services field. I know another man who went from being a Police Officer to the Human Services field. I know of a drug addict who the moment she found out she was pregnant, quit doing drugs, and started a blog to help overcome their addiction and relate to others, to now being a published author. How many people do you know or have you met who are in a profession where they originally never would have, could have thought, this is the profession they would have ended up in…..yet this is where they are…..and they love it.

I am learning more and more everyday that…..this.is.life. I can plan all I want to go after my dreams and hopes. I can start a blog or a fan page and hope to get more “likes” daily and try so hard to chase the “likes” that I am forgetting what I truly was chasing before……the passion…..my passion…..for what I truly love. For what I truly want. For what I truly enjoy doing. With an audience. Or without an audience. It really doesn’t matter because this is what I do in my free time. In my journals. In my mind. In my thoughts. In my words. In my actions. This. Is. My. Life.

Our lives can change in a second. But this second can be a slow spanned out second that runs across minutes, months, and years. Till that one second, that tipping point, our lives have changed.

I love how Cheryl Strayed says it in her amazing book, Wild, “How wild it is, to let it be.”

We can NEVER know what the future holds. We can plan all we want to predict our future but I will tell you my friends, it doesn’t work. This is not a bad thing. It is a good thing. It reminds us to live each day….today. Never say never. Live life.

This. Is. Life.

Love & Blessings,


“Good writing succeeds or fails on the strength of its ability to engage you, to make you think, to give you a glimpse into someone else’s head.” ~Malcolm Gladwell