I have a friend who is single. She is thirty years old and even though she has put herself out there and has been on numerous dates, she just can’t find someone she clicks with. Last week she went on a blind date with someone one of her friend’s had set her up with. They met at a local restaurant. While they were there, an older man approached them. He introduced himself and just started conversating with them; asking questions and getting to know their story. At one point a group of people came into the restaurant and when they walked by their table, the old man asked if they would like to join them. The group politely denied the request. When the old man turned back to the table where my friend and her date sat, my friend asked him if he knew anyone in that group. The old man replied, “No but we’re all friends here.”

His response just got me thinking about life and how we all interact with each other. We can go into a grocery store and stand waiting in line for ten minutes surrounded by people yet no one or hardly anyone is talking with each other. It is as if it is more awkward to talk with strangers standing right next to us then not to. So we decide to just stare straight ahead or right through someone; a person; a human; a story. I have always said humans are stories into a whole other world. I believe this with my entire life yet I still find myself standing in line staring straight ahead or through someone.

Why do we do this?

Even though the masses are doing it, we don’t have to follow the masses!

I have been working on getting comfortable with being uncomfortable with talking with strangers. I have been working on inviting one and all people to join in on a conversation with me. Because really, this is life. Right now. I find this even in the work place. We spend more times scrolling through facebook, liking people’s posts, then when we walk to the bathroom and take the time to speak with a co-worker that we don’t know very well for a few minutes. Again, these people are humans and have stories. It is time we become more curious about people, especially strangers face to face. I just thought what a great man and example of how we should all be to have invited some random strangers to join my friends and him. It is a little strange and weird but that’s because we are not used to people being like that. What if we were the change? I mean what if we acted like everyone was a long lost acquaintance. What if we took the walls down and let others in? What if we unlocked our door and went outside of our comfort zone? What if we crossed the lines and broke loose from our own shackles? What if? Imagine a life where there are really no strangers; just stories.

Love & Blessings,


“Good writing succeeds or fails on the strength of its ability to engage you, to make you think, to give you a glimpse into someone else’s head.” ~Malcolm Gladwell