My four year old niece NEVER wears matching socks. She picks out her own clothes and she likes her socks to mismatch. She also likes to wear the same leggings for days at a time. I always find it interesting what my nieces will pick out to wear when they pick out their own clothes. They come walking in the house, throw off their jackets, and, “Surprise!”, it looks like they just came from a closet that had no lights on and lots of colorful clothes. It just amazes me. Girls love bright colors.

As I was watching my niece rock back and forth in her rocking chair with her mismatched colorful socks on, I just got to thinking…., why do I wear matching socks? Why don’t I mismatch them….on purpose….like her?

I thought about the socks I do have. I have mostly black and white socks. Some have holes in them. I have gym socks. Now those have some colors in them. That made me think even more, why do I have colorful gym socks versus plain everyday socks? Does this mean I enjoy life more when I am in the gym or working out? Who even said I have to wear matching socks to begin with? Is there a rule?

My mind was spinning. So many of us in life do things because this is the way we have been taught to do them or this is the way everyone else does them. Sometimes we look at those things we are doing and wonder, why am I doing it this way? I have a better way. Yet, even when we have found a better way, we continue to do it the other way because that’s the way everyone else does it.

I say, “Stop it!” If you want to wear mismatching socks, wear mismatching socks. If you have found a better way to do something, do it the better way. Even if no one else agrees with that way or likes that way or makes fun of you for doing it that way. The most interesting people to me are the people who are different. I love learning about others. Especially those who are doing things differently than the rest of the world. I am attracted to those people. I admire people like that. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. When you be who you truly are, trust me, you inspire others to be who they truly are. You create a ripple effect.

Children inspire me to be exactly who I am at just the right moments. So do other people. The rare birds. I say be a rare bird……on purpose. Be exactly who you want to be. Be exactly who you are…..on purpose.

Love & Blessings,


“Good writing succeeds or fails on the strength of its ability to engage you, to make you think, to give you a glimpse into someone else’s head.” ~Malcolm Gladwell