Every morning, they are sitting on their front porch. Every evening, they are sitting on their front porch. Neighbors from way down the street and neighbors from right next door continually stop by to chit chat with them. Cars driving by continually pull over to say hi to them or simply honk to say hi to them. I continually sit there and watch them AND simply get inspired by this way of life. A way of life that was much more common years back.

I remember reading in a book (I think it was one of Malcolm Gladwell’s books) how years ago all houses were built with unattached garages. Then, as people became more private and not so talkative with one another in the neighborhood, houses started being built with garages attached to them. This way you never have to talk with any of your neighbors if you don’t want to. This, naturally, made me think…..

Regardless if this is the actual reason or not, it is how it is now these days. It is rare, unless you have kids, that you see neighbors interacting with each other the way I see my neighbors do. And they have no children. At least no small ones. The people that sit out on their porch every single day are an elderly couple. They are sweet people. The amount of friends and/or neighbors who continually stop by, show that.

Our house does not have a big front porch…..but, there is room to add one on. I told my husband I would like a front porch one day on our house so I can sit there too, like our neighbors, and get to know others in the neighborhood….and develop relationships with those I live right by….and be like my neighbors who have inspired me.

How neat, I believe, our world would be if we all did this more often.

How many more people would feel connected, I believe, if we did this more often.

How many more lives would we impact and touch, I believe, if we did this more often.

I get not everyone wants to talk to their neighbors……I totally understand that. I am an introvert and LOVE my space. I keep quiet naturally and am more reserved…..but, I still think this way of living would benefit the whole world in many different ways. I mean when you really think about it, unless you live in the country, how smart and wise it would be to KNOW your neighbors. And, I believe, fulfilling.

Love & Blessings,