I had just put the last of my honey flavored peanuts in my mouth when this thought popped into my head, Hmmm….these would probably be really good on ice cream!

I wondered…..how many times do we overlook the simple combination of things just because the combination of the two or three or four or more, is not right in front of our face? How many times do we combine a bad combination together? How many times do we combine a good combination together? And, how many times have we thought of a combination to try BUT-have never tried it?

Life is certainly a combination of good things we bring into our lives and bad things we bring into our lives. We all see people living lives where we would think to ourselves, oh, that’s not a very good combination. And shake our heads in disapproval. At the same time we all see people living lives where we think to ourselves, now that is a good combination. Yes. Very good combination.

Here’s the thing, good combination or bad combination, we ALL use both sorts of combinations. Some of us live and learn differently when using a bad combination and can adjust the mixture pretty fast so out pops a good combination in place of the bad instead. But then, there are some of us who take longer to learn the tricks of the trade and just don’t have the knowledge to know what we should put together to make it go from a bad combination to a better combination. Some of us just need more help than others when we are trying to brew together new potions and combinations in the lab. And that is okay.

If something is not quite working out for you, try a new combination. Try a new potion. Reach out for help if you have to. Find a tribe of people who are already doing what you want to do. There are many tribes out there. Find those who are already spending time in the lab creating new potions and coming up with new combinations. A trick, I have learned, is mixing things that you love into the potion. Good and positive things that make you feel good create great combinations. Sort of like my honey flavored nuts and ice cream. Now that is a pretty GREAT (and yummy) combination. I guess I’d throw some squats in there too.

Creating what we love is not too hard. It is just about finding the right combination. Which also means having to go through the bad combinations we have created so we can finally figure out the good combination that works.

Now go get in the lab you soon to be mad scientist. 😉



Photo Credit: Huffington Post