We ask life (or God or the Universe or whatever higher power you believe), “What is my purpose?”, when really it is life asking each of us, “What is your purpose?”

We ask life but life is really asking us.

I believe we are born with that answer inside each of us. We can’t ignore it. Even though most of us try to. But when we ignore it, it gnaws at us. It haunts us. It follows us. Things never feel right. We never feel fulfilled. It dances in our face saying, Look at me! Notice me! Don’t run from me! USE me!

We think its hiding somewhere. We think we have to search high and low to find it. I did. But here’s the catch. We don’t. All we have to do is look for clues from our past, from our childhood, our natural curiosity’s, the things we are naturally drawn to; those types of things. There is a pull we feel towards our purpose. It is magnetic.

Don’t ignore it!!

If you study those who declare they have found their purpose you will find really simple answers from them……it often sounds something like, I just simply pursued something I really enjoyed doing and what happened is it turned into getting paid to do exactly what I like doing.

The sad thing is most of us settle for following the masses and settling in a job we are working at to just get by for now. In that settle you will find the unsettle. That gnawing feeling that haunts you.

It is pretty crazy to me when you think about those of us that go onto a higher education program and will spend thousands of dollars earning a degree that takes 4+ years to get but we won’t even consider spending that much money or time going after our purpose because there is no certificate attached to it once we are finished (unless of course your purpose requires that certificate)…..For some of us, our higher education is our safety net but it is not our number one choice. Settling in life is one of the worst regrets you can live with. Don’t settle. Pursue your purpose.

Let it pull you.

And the next time you catch yourself looking up at the beautiful painted sunset sky and think, what is my purpose, world?………..remember, the Universe is looking right back at YOU asking, “What is your purpose? You tell me.”

The Universe asks us, we don’t ask it.